cocoa cake with mousseline cream and raspberries

by Elena Levati

What to do when you have some mousseline cream left over? The suggestions could be thousand: a shortcrust pie, some cups with fruit salad, cream puffs, or … Or you can choose to follow the fast & easy way and prepare this cocoa cake with mousseline cream and raspberries!

But let’s start from the beginning: why did I find myself with some mousseline cream in the refrigerator? In my last post I told you about Paris Brest, a spectacular and delicious dessert, a ring of choux pastry filled with a very generous layer of mousseline cream.

Well, that’s where I left a nice rich and full cup! Since I cannot freeze it, I reuse it in another dessert that, for the happiness of my two girls, had to be cocoa based!

cocoa cake with mousseline cream and raspberries

And here we are with today’s cake: the base with cocoa and hot milk, eggs and butter free, is the same of my super tested 5 minutes cake that I presented you HERE in the strawberry and chocolate cake.

Since the mousseline cream is rich in calories, I thought to balance the toppig with a light base. Soft and moist, it truly finds its parenthesis of perfection crowned by a circle of mousseline cream and many, many raspberries!

This cake was the star of our last breakfasts, but being so beautiful (can’t you find it too?) I also recommend it as a Sunday dessert! Since the weekend is upon us 😉

cocoa cake with mousseline cream and raspberries

Then I leave you to the recipe! Also in this case, as for the Paris Brest, I refer you directly HERE where you can find my complete recipe accompanied by step-by-step photos, more tips and variations!

NOTEthe recipe is in Italian, but you can easily translate it with Mr Google! 😉
However, the step-by-step photos will clarify any doubts!
And, as always, you already know that for any doubts I am here to help you and if you want I’ll send you the translation!


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