chocolate and cherry cake

by Elena Levati

Summer is calling and we answer like this: with an exquisite dessert that , I’m sure you’ll do and do again many times! This chocolate and cherry cake will literally drive you crazy!

One of the best desserts of the last period and with many pros: NO BUTTER, NO ADDED SUGAR, EASY, FAST AND PERFECT FOR A FUNNY AFTERNOON IN THE KITCHEN WITH OUR CHILDREN!

Do you remember my BUTTER FREE CHOCOLATE AND CONDENSED MILK CAKE? So, today I introduce you its almost yummier version with a plus of MANY CHERRIES!

chocolate and cherry cake

What is so special about this cake?

The peculiarity of this chocolate and cherry cake lies in the idea of being able to taste 3 DIFFERENT TEXTURES OF THE SAME FRUIT in a single bite. Cherries will be:

  1. Cooked together with the cake: before putting the cake in the oven, we cover the surface with many pitted cherries which, during cooking, will be gently incorporated into the dough, enriching each slice!
  2. Sautéed: while the cake is cooking we will prepare sautéed cherries that will complete our dessert once it is baked.
  3. Raw: the final touch is given by the raw cherries added as a delicious last decoration of our chocolate cake!

Now tell me: do you like my idea? We liked this cake very much: my two little ones welcomed it with much, much pleasure and they recommend it to you with all them heart!

chocolate and cherry cake

ATTENTION: a delicious aroma will invade your kitchen! Will you be able to wait for the cooling times?

Perfect for finishing off Sunday lunch or a dinner with friends, my chocolate and cherry cake is a delicious proposal that will become a summer must!

chocolate and cherry cake

For the recipe, I refer you directly HERE where you can find my complete recipe accompanied by step-by-step photos, more tips and variations!

NOTE: the recipe is in Italian, but you can easily translate it with Mr Google! 😉
However, the step-by-step photos will clarify any doubts!
And, as always, you already know that for any doubts I am here to help you and if you want I’ll send you the translation!


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