puff pastry Santa Claus: a very easy Christmas appetizer

by Elena Levati

Here I am a little running out (indeed definitely running out) to offer you a very easy but very cute last minute recipe for the Christmas appetizer: puff pastry Santa Claus!

If you have children at your table, this recipe will drive them crazy!

I suggest you to prepare this puff pastry Santa Claus together with your children making them protagonists in the first person of the Christmas lunch: this is a funny way to empower them!

puff pastry Santa Claus

Puff pastry Santa Claus: how to prepare it

Our Santa Claus is very simple: the HAT is filled with black olive pate and white scamorza cheese, the POM POM and the NOSE of smoked cheese, while the BEARD is made up of many puff pastry roses with ham pate!

I assure you that everything is much easier to do than to say and therefore I have built these slides that show you the drawing of the most important steps.

The explanations are in Italian but don’t worry: you have everything written in the recipe below!

puff pastry Santa Claus
puff pastry Santa Claus
puff pastry Santa Claus
puff pastry Santa Claus

Have you seen how simple and delicious it is? Who will follow us in this recipe? Obviously it is suitable for the whole holiday time 😉

puff pastry Santa Claus


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hojaldre de Papà Noel


A very easy and delicious Christmas recipe that will make happy your little ones! Prepare this puff pastry Santa Claus with them: they will feel important and proud to have snatched your smile and appreciation!
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Course christmas, starter
Cuisine Italiana
Servings 6 persons


  • 3 rolls of rectangular puff pastry

For the hat:

  • 3 tablespoons of black olive pate
  • 70 g chopped scamorza cheese

For the eyes:

  • 1 not thin slice of provolone cheese
  • 1 black olive

For the beard:

  • 120 g of ham pate

For the pom pom and the nose:

  • 40 g diced smoked scamorza cheese

To complete:

  • 4 -5 tablespoons of tomato sauce seasoned with oil salt and pepper.


  • Unroll a rectangle of puff pastry and place it in front of you holding the short side up and keeping the parchment paper as a base.

Prepare the hat:

  • Divide the rectangle in half: spread the upper half with the olive pate and sprinkle it with the chopped scamorza cheese.
  • Now fold this seasoned half on itself to form a triangle (you have to get a house shape!).

Now draw the face of Santa Claus:

  • With a sharp knife give the pastry under the hat a rounded shape by cutting out the outer edges.
  • Now put the Santa Claus base on a baking tray.

Prepare the pom pom and the nose:

  • Fill the puff pastry scraps with the smoked scamorza cubes, fold the pastry on itself and give it the ball shape.
  • Place one of the two balls on the tip of the triangle creating the pompom and place the other on the face creating the nose of Santa Claus.

Prepare the beard:

  • Unroll the second rectangle of puff pastry and spread it all with the ham pate.
  • Then divide it into 8 long strips of equal size.
  • Now divide these long strips in half (lengthwise) getting 16 short ones.
  • Roll each strip on itself to form a small rose.
  • Now cut each rose in half to get 32.
  • Spread the part of the face under the nose with some ham pate and place the roses all close together to form Santa’s beard.
  • Use the third roll of pastry to make other roses to complete the face and make a nice thick beard! You will need about half of it.
  • Cut the remaining pastry into strips.
  • Brush Santa’s hat and nose with tomato sauce.
  • Now complete everything by adding some strip to the sides of the nose to create the mustache and a few strips to go over the entire edge of the hat.
  • Put Santa Claus in the refrigerator and turn on the oven at 190 °C waiting for it to reach temperature.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes, checking that the tomato on the hat does not burn (if necessary cover it with parchment paper).
  • In the meantime, cut out the eyes from the slice of cheese with two circular molds and cut the black olive in half to form the pupil.
  • Complete your puff pastry Santa Claus with the eyes as soon as it cools and serve immediately!


You can prepare your puff pastry Santa Claus the day before and reheat it just before serving (obviously taking your eyes off!)
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